Stop helping the offenses in the NFL

The NFL is going way too far. Defense no longer is the name of the game. It’s all about offense and scoring tons of points. Why even make the defense go on the field when they are so restricted? Can’t touch the quarterbacks helmet, can’t hit him too high, can’t hit him too low, can’t hit him immediately after he throws it, basically there is no way to hit them. Then with receivers they can’t be hit too hard or it is a penalty and fine, and can’t touch them after five yards even when they push off all the time. Running backs lower their heads to get more yards and it isn’t a penalty, but defenders do it to keep offenses from gaining yards and it is wrong. Offensive linemen hold a lot and it isn’t called like it should. Almost every penalty results in a first down for the offense and only one penalty results in a loss of downs for the offense. How is that fair or right? The NFL seems to believe that more points is what the fans want when I believe that defense is what I want. I am tired of teams scoring 30+ points in a game. I am tired of quarterbacks throwing for 300+ yards every game. I am tired of the automatic first downs, especially when it involves the offenses getting 20+ yards on a single penalty. Those kinds of penalties only infuriate the fans, not make them happy. Why not make the penalties correspond with each other. Holding should be 10 yards on both sides of the ball and a loss of downs if it is on offense and a first down if it us on the defense. Illegal contact should be either thrown out or called on both the receiver if defender, not just defense. When it happens it should be a loss of downs and a five yard penalty on offense and first down on defense along with a five yard penalty. Pass interference should only be able to be a 15 yard penalty, not a spot foul. When it happens it should be 15 yards on both sides of the ball and either a first down or loss of down. These are just some of my ideas since the NFL wants to ruin the competitiveness that the league was known for.

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Baltimore Ravens Draft Options

Why does every expert say that Torrey Smith is who the Ravens should pick in te first round when he isn’t even a first round talent? If the Ravens were to go receiver in the first round, why not go Leonard Hankerson? He is as fast as Smith, more polished, and better hands. Most experts even have Hankerson rated higher than Smith. Does that make any sense?

I believe that the Ravens should go with a young corner first round and look for a receiver in the free agency, if there is one.Devin Aromashodu should be available and is a fast receiver.

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